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Fortnite: How to get free v-bucks in Fortnite 2022

Fortnite: How to get free V-bucks (2022) – LEGAL
With V-bucks you can buy everything you need to advance. You can resort to micropayments, but here we tell you the best ways to get the game currency for free and legal.
To be able to buy new aesthetic objects, dances and much more in Fortnite, you will need V-bucks (or V-Bucks, in its English version), the currency of the free to play title of Epic Games. If you want to save time, you can jump through the micropayments hoop and buy packs with real money for the game. However, obviously these coins can be obtained by playing and precisely here we bring you the best methods to get free V-bucks legally

Playing Save the World

Those players who are Founders (the Founders edition is discontinued since Ju

ne 2020) can get V-bucks at no additional cost in an unlimited way. There are

three ways to do this:

The first is with the daily rewards. Every day you enter Save the World (not necessarily consecutively) you will get a reward. On certain days, the reward is V-bucks that you will get just for logging in.
The second way is to complete daily missions. Every day you will receive a random mission. You can have a maximum of 3 pending missions (from the third one, you won’t receive missions until you complete the ones you have). Remember that they only give V-bucks if you are a Founder.


It is possible to substitute one mission per day if the one that appears doesn’t convince you or is too long for your taste.
The third and last way for Founders to get V-bucks is by completing story missions. Each mission has its own rewards, and some of them will bring V-bucks as a reward.

Non-Founder players cannot get unlimited V-bucks . They will only be able to get the V-bucks provided by the specific pack they have purchased, by completing the missions directly related to it.

Getting Battle Pass rewards

With a Battle Pass you can get up to 1,500 V-bucksĀ  at no additional cost each Season. They come in packs of 100 and some of them can be obtained without purchasing the Battle Pass.
Keep in mind that the Battle Pass costs 950 V-bucks , so once you have earned enough with the free rewards, you can save a maximum of 750 V-bucks per Season by following this method.

Participating in sweepstakes and special events

YouTubers, streamers and other content creators also organize events and sweepstakes where they give away V-bucks, battle passes and other content. Don’t forget that in these sweepstakes, the only thing they should ask for is your ID (Nintendo Switch, PSN or Xbox Live) or directly give you a code to redeem. Your email or passwords of any kind will never be needed to redeem sweepstakes prizes.

Beware of V-bucks scams!

There are no websites that sell V-bucksĀ  below their value. You can take advantage of websites where you can buy credit cards for digital stores where you get credit below its real value and then invest it in V-bucks, of course. Remember, also, that no one will ever need your login email and much less passwords for anything, be wary of alleged hacks and tricks, as this can lead to a permanent ban by Epic Games.

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