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The Importance of Picking | EquiMed – Horse Health Matters

The horses give us a lot of joy. They can be our best friends and faithful companions who strive to surpass us. In exchange for their courageous efforts and dedication to satisfy us, we work to provide horses with the best possible care. The best care saddles, the best fit, the healthiest diet, training, maintenance of stables and stables. This list can and must be very long. Prioritizing this list is so extremely important. Remember you are focusing on expansion so we don’t want to miss one of the most important ones.


When all is said and done, you brushed your horse for the evening, plush chips stall, a few flaps on the nose just before closing the door to the stable, one of the most important elements of good Being horse is leg and foot care, especially in footwear. You better not overlook this important area of horse care. What you want is to call your vet because your horse has become lame or sore. This can be very expensive not only economically but also emotionally if the vet tells you that the horse cannot ride.


Unfortunately, the worst case happens too often for well-meaning horses. Horses are actually very fragile creatures. Most people may not recognize it and see horses as big and powerful animals when the horses are in fact very sensitive in many ways. The wrong type of food can make sick horses, eat too much can cause the shipwreck, and wrong shoes can have equally devastating results, permanent lameness caused by bone and joint shifts.
If you put your head in a horseshoe off your priority list and you should quickly realize the importance of why you should “qualify” your seizure/rider. This is not a subject to be taken lightly. Where your seizure he was trained, how long is the active career, what is the result of the manufacturing method used? The question of how many horses were quarried in quarry smiths certainly deserves to be discovered as far as possible. Of course, the blacksmith cannot reveal the truth about such things where an earlier reputation is important.
As important as shoes for your horse friend, you will do well to learn about the subject of shoeing. You must discover the truth to yourself. It is not an easy task in itself. Without knowing for yourself, you need to “trust” that basically works in the dark. Can you or your horse afford to know without a doubt whether your farrier practices the right school methods? An incorrect school method takes only once to destroy a horse permanently. Sometimes lameness is introduced gradually over time due to defective shoeing.

You should know “all” facts. Consider this.

1. Farriers go to school and are educated by institutions using textbooks.
2. Market gardeners graduate from these schools and practice what they have learned and the horses become paralyzed.
3. You simply can’t afford a paralyzed horse.
4. Relationships between the fact that schools can teach erroneous practices? Perhaps industry standards need to be improved? Perhaps the schools are still working from “old school thinking”. Protect yourself from the realities above. The facts above are “true”.
The purpose of this article is to highlight the serious issues to consider when leaving risk and make the best decisions for these amazing animals with whom we spend so much of our precious time. You can find the truth about shoes by visiting the author’s website and subscribing. The author is one of Marshal Farriers, where the teaching was taught by the industry, but realized that he lacked something in the teaching. He discovered a method that produced a 100% timetable over a period of 16 consecutive years. “Not a paralyzed horse“.
We want to pass this knowledge on to people in need and horses who are dependent. Many thanks, You have good navigation and remember sharing information with whoever cares.

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