In a dramatic scene the dog buries her son the puppy (video)

In a dramatic scene the dog buries her son the puppy 

Usually we are surprised by the behaviour of animals, and I am talking here about innate behaviors , not those we train on them animal .
Today’s clip of the strangest and saddest sections I have seen, In the dog video I think of the Welsh Corgi faction, Perhaps you are wrong, please correct in the comments .
 Important After the death of the poor puppy for an unknown reason, His mother actually did strange and perhaps innate ,Where he carried him and went to the garden of the small house and buried him In a dramatic  scene ,We may take advantage of the scene that the best thing we can do to the dead we love is burying them ,The bodies of dead animals should be disposed of properly .

So as not to be a source of infection and odors and attract stray and predatory animals.
If you want sound effects on the video click here .
dog buries her son the puppy


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