my dog has mated !! funny Dogs' Sexual Behaviour, 2

my dog has mated !! funny Dogs’ Sexual Behaviour,

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Dogs’ Sexual Behaviour

This video has sparked a widespread uproar in social media. So I decided to introduce it to you.
 A merchant in North Africa, specifically in Morocco, was able to photograph a dog pulling a dog after it was suspended. And decide to take it with him to the house, I do not know if it was a good idea about the dog or not, but I love that man laughs and speaks “depannage” which he said immediately after seeing the shot

Of the information

In the event that people endeavor to intercede by pulling them separated there is outrageous agony for both. The bulb does not go down and the tie can’t end. In the event that enough power is applied, the dog’s penis would pull off and stay inside the bitch. That dog will kick the bucket, either seep to death or through failure to urinate because of swollen, separated urethra. 

On the off chance that for reasons unknown, the bulb does not go down and the tie can not be broken, the right treatment is to push the two creatures closer together. This enables the blood to deplete from the bulb and the bitch to loosen up her muscles that were holding it in. 
I trust this is clear.

Video : Mating dogs 

I think female dog is pregnant now !

are grapes good for dogs
are grapes good for dogs

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