Now Your Dog May Become a Tiger “Animal Mutation”

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On June 8, 2010, the Taiwanese media · Nownews introduced the article of the English Paper Daily Telegraph and posted articles on ‘Transformation Pet Boom’ popular in Mainland China. Ring and ball network reported.

There is a “transformation service” at the hairdressing salon for mainland China, not only services such as shampoo and trimming, but also changing the appearance to another animal by dying the hair with the same mowing. When it comes to a hairdresser’s hand, Chow Chow will be transformed into Panda, Golden Retriever will be transformed brilliantly to Tiger.

Daily Telegraph has opened a net bulletin board on Chinese transformation pet boom. One net user gave a sarcastic note that “a dog who was a tiger changed to dinner in one second” I can not understand,
How do they empower themselves to eat dogs? The answer will not be known to others, I hope that someone will answer me

There is also a voice that the act of dyeing pet’s hair is not only in China, but also in the UK and other countries. There was also written that it might also be to dyed the hair of the poodle and cut the ear and the tail.
The picture shows the pet park in Zhengzhou City

Now Your Dog May Become a Tiger "Animal Mutation" 1
Animal Mutation

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