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Oh my god this is so much worse than I thought it would be. The most important 6 causes of infection

Based on what happened to the poor cat, I advise you to check your pets after returning from the picnic, especially in areas where larvae are abundant, because they may come with an unwanted friend !!!

Occurred on January 6, 2017 / Florence, Kentucky, USA

“A good Samaritan brought the young kitten in that he had found in the parking lot at Loreal in Florence KY. He thought the kitten had been injured which she hadn’t. She had 2 warbles or cuterebra or fly larva.”

The most important 6 causes of infection

Leave your pet unclean

Wound carelessness

Eat contaminated food

Drink contaminated water

Neglecting the cleanliness of the ear and nose

Carefully clean your pet’s house

All these and other reasons, be suitable environment to lay eggs larvae, and infiltrated into the body of your pet.

The disaster is that this may happen to man as well
This poor kitten . Hope that the cat is okay, and thank the hero doctor on her behalf. Be sure to share this story .

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