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Information about tiger 2020

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Information about tiger


Types of tigers

There are many strains of tigers, some of which are still available to date, and some of them are extinct, and they are as follows: The current strains in the past were classified as tigers to about twenty-seven strains, but scientists have reduced them, depending on their DNA, and tigers similar to acid are inhabiting close regions Therefore, the current breeds are classified according to their habitat in which they live, namely: the Indonesian race, such as the Indonesian tiger. The Indian dynasty, inhabiting several regions, namely India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and parts of Pakistan. The Japanese strain, called the tigers that live in northern China, and was called Japanese to distinguish them from the tigers of the eastern strain, as they inhabit northern China as well. Sri Lankan dynasty, the tigers that live in Sri Lanka.

The Javanese breed, the tigers that inhabit Java Island. The Eastern breed, the tigers that inhabit Korea, the eastern Russia, and some tigers that inhabit northern China. The tiger lineage, which is the tiger that inhabits the continent of Africa, and the example of which is the African tiger. The Persian race, the tigers that live in South Asia, is like the Iranian tiger. The Arabian tiger, which is an independent lineage, despite the proposal to include it in the Persian race, but this has not yet been done. The previous strains include twenty-seven strains, among them: strains classified within the African race in the current classification: the Swahili line

  • .Central African dynasty
  • . The West African dynasty
  • . The Congo dynasty
  • . Eritrean dynasty
  • . Ugandan dynasty
  • . Zanzibar dynasty
  • . Somali dynasty
  • . The head of the Righteous Hope

Breeds are classified within the Persian dynasty in the current classification: Sinai strain

  • . Anatolian dynasty
  • . Caucasian dynasty
  • . Central Persia dynasty

Breeds classified within the Indian strain in the current classification: Kashmiri strain

Nepalese dynasty

Hybrid strains with other types of felines after cross-breeding tigers with other felines, such as lions, jaguars, and others, new strains of tigers emerged, including: komer: a product of a female cougar mating with a male tiger, or vice versa

. The lion tiger: it is the product of a male tiger, and a female lion (lioness).

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