Tiger eating 400 people! (Video)

A true story about the tiger eating humans

On a sunny day, an Indian sniper decided to go to sniping, and with little to catch! He saw a tiger. He targeted him with a bullet that settled in the tiger’s body. But they were not fatal. The tiger soon disappeared among the thick grasses that characterize the Comun region in northern India. The sniper was unable to find him. He felt his failure after a long search of the injured leopard. But he did not know that he did not fail completely, he managed to make the tiger unable to catch the natural prey. The tiger had to hunt for prey less quickly. Unfortunately there are no slower prey than humans. In the surrounding environment. Thus the tiger specialized in eating humans and was known as the “tiger banner”. More than 400 people have been killed and eaten over the years. Before he was able to catch the famous big cats and writer Jim Corbett. From tracking the tiger and killing the panar in 1910.

 Often man is the main cause of his misfortunes .

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