What You Should Know About Cat Play

Cat Play between instinct and what we want

Aggression of your cat is an inherent aspect of its predator and behavior like: stalking, Pouncing ,Chasing …

Usually this is not a problem and it is just the way cats play and help satisfy the roaring whims of your cat can be very fun!
But when your cat’s play becomes aggressive, it can become very uncomfortable and painful.
 Cat that does not differentiate between play and grandfather who does not understand that such aggression is painful and even dangerous to its owner means that leisure activities can go from pleasure to  an ordeal.
The reason for the aggressive gambling that happens is that a boring, under-exercised and lonely cat becomes too stimulated during the game and that the typical fictional aggression of the game becomes the right thing. Because all cat games are based on predator-like nature, an over-catcher evacuates this surplus by escalating its normal predator play. So instead of beating you with itchy claws, the cat stretches them out, and instead of putting your hand in your mouth, the cat bites him hard. Unfortunately, the problem can get worse if the cat plays aggressively because it does not have enough interactive and challenging playing time. but because the cat demonstrates this behavior every time it is played, the owner plays less … leading to more aggression, etc. in a spiral.

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