When the rooster meets with the cobra, be sudden ( video )

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A rare clip of a Cobra snake a struggling rooster

Everyone knows that the cock is eating on the grain, but the rooster today is completely different from what we know, has proved that the cock can eat meat, in the video interview between the rooster and small cobra, the fact of a fascinating struggle leave you discover yourself in the video.

Some people may say that it is small, but it carries a poison that can kill you, and perhaps faster than the big one. Some people do not like this type of conflict, and I am one of them. But when the person is the cause of the conflict, Nature and the instinct of the animal speak.

When the rooster meets with the cobra, be sudden ( video ) 1

PS: In the video clip too, Wild Bunny vs. Crow, the reality is also one of the strangest scenes I have seen.

In it also, a rabbit versus a rooster !
 In fact, I did not like that interview because it was man who invented it and that’s disgusting for me
Finally, what is the excerpt that surprised you?

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